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Rhode Island Grants Domestic Partners the Right to Plan Funerals

posted on 1/7/10 by Sue Kruskopf

Rhode Island law makers voted yesterday to grant domestic couples--same sex or not-- funeral planning rights. This decision came after Rhode Island Governor, and same-sex marriage opponent, Don Carcieri vetoed the original bill in late 2009, stating that "it represents a disturbing trend over the past few years of the incremental erosion of the principles surrounding traditional marriage".

The legislation was originally brought to the house by Providence resident Mark Goldberg
who, according to the LA Times, told the House Judiciary Committee about his five-week battle to claim the body of his partner of 17 years from the state morgue. Goldberg said he tried to show the police and the state medical examiner’s office "our wills, living wills, power of attorney and marriage certificate" from Connecticut, but "no one was willing to see these documents."

At a time when most people  in this country haven't even written down what they would want for their funeral, why must  there still be government that feels the need to tell people you have to be heterosexual and married to claim the body?  Whether you're straight or gay, a friend or a brother, letting your wishes be known and carried out is a gift to your surviving loved ones.

We applaud the house for overturning Governer Carcieri's veto on this bill, and hope other states will follow suit in the matter.

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