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Honoring a Veteran

posted on 11/11/09 by Nancy Bush

We wanted to use our platform here as a chance to honor a brave veteran who died last week at age 80. Captain Ed Freeman received a medal of honor in 2001 for his service in the Korean war.

In the first major confrontation between large forces of the American and North Vietnamese armies, in the Ia Drang Valley, Ed courageously flew his helicoptor into enemy fire not once but 14 times to rescue men who would surely have been left to die. The infantry unit was outnumbered by 8 to 1, and the MediVac helicoptors had been ordered to stop coming in, but Ed continued in with his Commander in an unarmed helicoptor to save the lives of over 30 men. Freeman's story was the basis for the movie We Were Soldiers in 2002.

The passing of this courageous hero should've been front page news...

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(1) On November 13, 2009, Sara James () said:
Perhaps we could honor a veteran that has died in this war, or perhaps one of the many that have taken their own lives since the returning? But I am sure the movie was more fun to watch...

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