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Understanding the Need For a Funeral Planning Website

posted on 9/10/09 by Staff

Last week I received an email from a member trying to access an account. This is not an abnormal occurrence by any means, many people forget passwords or usernames, or click on the wrong link and can’t figure out where to log in. The content of this request was an abnormal occurrence however, and quickly sent me into “panic-mode.”

The member was not trying to access her own account; she was trying to access her sister’s account. Her email said just this, “I printed my angel page when I was asked to be an angel, but didn't "save" it.  My sister died last week…Can you help me?”

We were able to grant her access to her sister’s final wishes and hopefully she was able to plan the memorial that her sister wanted.

For the first time since I began working with, the necessity of the website was validated to me. I have listened to Nancy and Sue discuss the reasons for starting the company several times, but it never really resonated with me. Until the urgency of this woman’s request came across I didn’t fully understand the need for a service like Now I do.

-Talia Fontana, Account Manager

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