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posted on 3/31/09 by Nancy

With spring in the air, I am reminded of Spring three years ago when we had so much hope for my husband John in beating his cancer.   Little did we know that he would be gone a few short months later.  I remember trying to have that "what if" conversation with him while he was feeling good....maybe it wouldn't be so difficult then....he still didn’t want to go there.

The planning and carrying out of his funeral without that valuable information was the inspiration for the site. The fact that you're here is a great start to leaving your family one of the greatest gifts of all....peace of mind.  So, welcome to  We'd love to have your feedback about the book process and our resource section. We want the site to be as relavent as possible for you so let us know if we've missed anything.....and Happy Spring!

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(1) On September 1, 2009, Jim Harris () said:
It's just the other way around for us. I have just been dianosed with cancer and want to talk with my wife about what if, she doesn't want to hear it or talk about it. finding this site and filling this info in for her will be a big help.
Thank you for setting it up.

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